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Welcome to SRM Performance Training. The sport of triathlon continues to experience explosive growth. It is one of the most exciting sports today. However, the combination of three sports presents unique training challenges. Too much training, inappropriate training, lack of focus on technique, trying to juggle training with career and family obligations. All of these can lead to subpar performance.

At SRM Performance Training, we know from science and experience that the right training with the right technique sets you up for maximum success.


  • Practice Right. It’s what you do, not how much you do. Triathletes are notorious for overtraining.   In our experience, the right training - not how much you do - leads to better performance. This is true for all race distances from sprint to Ironman.
  • Technique Matters. Whether it’s swimming or running, the right technique can often enhance your performance even more than cardiovascular fitness.
  • Efficient Training. Do what matters most and skip the rest. By getting the most out of your time spent training you can reduce injury and leave time for life commitments.
  • Proven Science. The application of the latest research with the understanding that every person is unique.

We apply the principle of Practice Perfect. In other words, we believe it’s not how much you do, but what you do.

Research shows it’s not about practicing.  It’s about practicing perfect.  When we repeat a motion or type of training over and over we create neuro superhighways that make these motions a natural extension of our bodies.  Practice the wrong the way and you lock in a pattern or pace that is difficult to change.